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The easy-to-use Thread Management + Conversion Program

Admelody Machine Embroidery Rayon & Polyester Threads are making news! This little clip from the EasyThreads Newsletter speaks for itself…


easythreads is a windows-based program that keeps track of your threads and converts them from one brand to another. It lets you enter the threads for a project into a listing, and then allows you to convert to other brands of threads. In a matter of seconds, you can convert all of the colors in your project or design to just a specific brand of thread, or to the threads you have already bought. Or you can pick each thread match yourself, with a list of all the threads that match. It shows each color as a swatch, so you can really compare the threads easily. And if you want a closer view, you can enlarge the color swatch and compare it side-by-side to it’s match.
easythreads preview
The way easythreadscompares the threads is by the Red, Green and Blue (RGB) values, so you can be sure that the match is exact!
easythreads is a very easy program to learn and use. And it turns the long hours of matching your threads by eye or by all of those conversion charts into just a matter of a few minutes!


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