#PDRAY1000 Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread

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Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread
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Some of the finest features of the Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread are it's durability, high tenacity, low shrinkage, excellent colour fastness, resistance to perspiration and chemical attack.  You will appreciate the new "snap bottom" spool.  No more messy threads hanging now that you can neatly tuck the thread into the "snap bottom" after use.
The Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Embroidery Thread is made with 100% high quality viscose filament yarn.
Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Threads are suitable for all high-speed embroidery machines and decorative stitching.
We carefully selected several test stitchers for our new threads before they went into production.  The results were astounding.  Reports have been sent in that our Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon threads are getting over 20,000 stitches without a break...very impressive!
Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread is available on the 1000m spools.
The Black and White colours are also available on the 5000m. spools.
Coming Soon....the Paradise Dreamz 40wt Rayon Threads will be available in sets.  Each set will come with 10 beautiful, 1000m. spools of thread. 
You have 300 gorgeous solid 40wt. Rayon Colours to choose from.  Now click on the link below to view our wonderful selection of Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon Thread....Enjoy!

WARNING: Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Thread is addictive...once you've used them, you will keep coming back for more! Enjoy
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