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Not Just Threads at Potter's Paradise
is thrilled to introduce our new line of 
Our Paradise Dreamz Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads are different than most because they are a 50wt., not a 40wt. polyester thread.
Some of you may wonder why I chose a 50wt polyester embroidery thread.  I'll do my best to explain why I decided to carry the Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Embroidery Thread.
I stitched out several square swatches using a variety of 40wt. rayon, 40wt. polyester and the 50wt. polyester.  The  Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread stitched out great and filled in the design nicely, leaving no gaps!  It has the look and feel of a rayon thread with the strength and durability of a polyester thread.  On the other hand, the swatch stitched out with the 40wt. polyester threads looked thick and bulky in comparison to the 50wt. polyester and the 40wt. rayon threads.  I felt like I had the best of both worlds by using the Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Threads.
Change is a good thing so I'm introducing  our Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads from NotJustThreads at Potter's Paradise.  I'm hoping that you will like the performance of this thread as much as I do.  If by chance a majority of you would rather go back to the 40wt. Polyester, then I can do that too!
One of my passions is for lace designs.  I found that 4owt. polyester threads made free standing lace look and feel too bulky.  Now I can stitch out all the lace designs that I want in the 50wt. Polyester Thread and be pleased with the end result.
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