Not Just Threads at Potter's Paradise is the
Canadian Distributor for Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Threads  

 All prices are in Canadian dollars.

SPEND $100.00 or more and receive one COLOUR CHART FREE

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  • Choices are:  Rayon, Polyester or Metallic Colour Chart
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We are very excited here at Not Just Threads at Potter's Paradise because we now have our own line of metallic threads.
"Paradise Dreamz Metallics" is our brand new line of beautiful, shiney, sparkling metallic threads.

You  have 24 fabulous colours to choose from.   Paradise Dreamz Metallics are available in sets of 12 at an introductory price of $65.99 per set. There are 22 solid colours and 2 multi colours available. The solid colours will be available at an introductory price of $5.99 per spool. We have 2 multi colours available at an introductory price of $6.99 per spool.

 Each set of Paradise Dreamz Metallics has one multi coloured metallic spool... a bonus for purchasing by the set.   
High quality spiral bound colour charts are available at a reasonable cost for the Paradise Dreamz Metallics.


Samples of Stitch Outs completely done in metallics threads.
The above designs are available at Classic Embroideries
To make your Paradise Dreamz Metallic Threads complete we have available a beautiful, high quality colour chart as well. The sample threads in the colour chart are the actual threads, not just a picture...enjoy!